Side Sleeping And Its Pros And Cons

Widely regarded as a lateral position, sleeping on side is the most popular sleeping position. Side sleeping is a preferred sleeping position of more than 50 percent of the world population. According to the researches sleeping on the side is more common in adults and individuals bearing high body mass index (BMI). Almost seventy percent of adults prefer this particular position. Side sleeping has both pros and cons. Disadvantages of side sleeping occur if your sleeping position is not correct. Spinal and joints pain will arise due to an incorrect sleeping position, and it will surely outweigh the benefits of side sleeping.

Benefits Of Sleeping On Side:

Sleeping on the back was considered the perfect sleeping position, but now it has been proved that sleeping on the side has far more benefits. People suffering from lower back and joint pain get much relief by side sleeping. It reduces such pains. It is also beneficial in conditions like fibromyalgia. One of the most important benefits of side sleeping is that it reduces snoring, which is the most common sleep apnea symptom. Apnea creates breathing problems, resulting in serious complications, including cognitive issues, diabetes, and even heart attack. Scientists have also proved that side sleeping is good for brain health. In this way, the brain gets rid of all the waste. Another benefit of side sleeping is that it is beneficial for the digestive system. All digestion-related issues like constipation and heartburn will not occur because the digestive system functions quite better in the side sleeping. According to the various researches, side sleeping is also beneficial during pregnancy. Doctors usually recommend side sleeping during pregnancy because it allows maximum blood flow. In this way the kidney functions better, and thus waste materials are eliminated in a better way.

Drawbacks Of Sleeping On Side:

Although side sleeping has a number of benefits, especially if one is suffering from sleep apnea and back pain, but keeping one position for a long time can cause pain. The best way to overcome this is to switch sides. Another drawback of side sleeping is neck pain that occurs when your chin is close to your chest. Your head must be on the pillow, and you must place your chin properly to avoid neck pain.

Right Side Or The Left? Which Is The Best?

Medical experts say that the left side is comparatively better than the right is because while you are on your left side, your organs work more freely to get rid of the toxins. But both sides are best in case of sleep apnea and lower back pain. Along with the correct position, another important this is the mattress you choose. If the mattress is not durable and is not according to your body type and weight, it will cause you problems. Mattress with less firmness will make your body sink inside the mattress. More sink will make the corresponding shoulder collapse against the neck and the mattress, resulting in shoulder pain.