Best Serta Mattress Reviews for the Best Rated Mattress 2020

Why Serta Mattresses are the best-rated mattresses?

Mattresses need replacement or repair from time to time because after a decade or more they usually become worn out and tethered. In this case, if you’re looking for the right mattress, then Serta might be the best possible valued brand for you. According to mattress reviewers, Serta is best known as the Perfect Sleeper. It is an American top-selling brand with the top rated reviews.

Serta is a part of Simons Bedding company that is known to be the second-largest manufacturer of mattresses in the world. The reason that sets them apart from other manufacturers is that they design, construct, and build their mattresses by themselves under their supervision.

Serta is evenly famous for its perfect sleeper, iComfort, hotel collection, and sleep true categories. Mattress reviewers are generally able to differentiate between mattresses from Serta and other brands. As a result, people are generally happy with the comfort level that Serta memory foam and hybrid mattresses provide.

Serta Main Collection:-

Serta iComfort is a chief line of gel memory foam mattresses. Instead of an innerspring, they have a foam core that is outstripped with a multitude of layers of foam along with the gel memory foam. Its key feature is it’s all famous TempActive Max Gel Memory foam that captures and dissipates the heat making the experience more wholesome. Moreover, they excel in pressure relief and motion isolation.

Serta iComfort hybrid  Mattress is do to have springy structures that are more like the traditional mattresses. It uses hybrid coil system that acts as a sort of support underneath various layers of foams .They have a total of 11 models in this range from firmer to softer mattresses.

Serta perfect sleeper is the best bed mattress in this game. It is the main foremost mattress that comes in three levels of impressive features. It’s innerspring core is made up of continuous and individually placed coils. It’s  premium foams help control sleep temperature and maintain the comfort level of it’s sleeper. In this way you can get a good night’s sleep.

Serta hotel range is a huge supplier of mattresses to most hotels all over America as well as the other countries. The special thing about them, is that they are flippable on both sides and hence, either side of them can be used. This range offers various prices and features of mattresses.

Sleep true is the worth collection of illustrating  all four types mattresses that the company offers. Although, they have the same quality as the other mattresses but sleep true has less features as compared to the other mattresses.


Hence, the best memory foam mattress reviews give us a green signal that Serta  mattresses are definitely worth the hype to be declared the best rated mattress and the best bed mattress of all times.